Cultivate Your Company’s International Identity

Build client relationships by speaking the same language

Companies that invest in the communication skills of their workforce have the tools necessary to compete in the international market and thereby ensure the organisation’s long-term success. It is a well-known fact that a lack of language expertise often results in details being ‘lost in translation’.
Speak.’s ESL Courses provide companies with the skills they require to improve linguistic and cultural needs in order to gain access to the European and global markets.

Speak. focuses solely on the corporate sector. We provide a wide range of Courses and Workshops designed to aid in the development of a workforce and leadership that are prepared to attain success in a rapidly changing environment.

Speak.’s Courses and Workshops are delivered by highly qualified native and non-native speakers in the target language only, with a strong emphasis on speaking skills. Your staff will gain the confidence they need to communicate your company’s mission, future plans and objectives clearly and concisely.

For professionals who are unable to attend classes at regularly-scheduled intervals, we provide One-On-One Instruction in the comfort of their own office or at the Speak. Training Center, offering a very personalized learning experience.

Having in mind that every student has different needs, we tailor our lessons to each student.

We create a curriculum adjusted to suit your individual, specific needs. Also, we build our schedule around you.

These types of classes give you more opportunity to speak and acquire the target language at your own pace.

One-On-One Instruction

Speed doesn’t matter - each tiny step forward is in fact, a leap forward

Specialist Language Courses

Don’t let your current lack of strong language skills stifle your expertise

True professionals are clear about what they want from English language. In today’s global market, being fluent in English is not enough. You are required to communicate in such a way as to remain in tune with your clients and partners in an international setting. Your expertise and knowledge need to be backed by solid, industry-specific terminology, technical vocabulary and the language skills relevant to your sector.

Speak. Specialist Language Courses are built from scratch and are suitable for clients who wish to stick to the specific vocabulary and other language needs particular to their industry. Upon completion of a Specialized Course, your team will be able to use English to carry out a wide variety of language tasks in your specific field.
These courses are made available to Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency level users (Levels B1 to C2, according to the Common European Framework).

Powerful presentation skills increase your staff’s ability to influence audiences. Ideas, products, and concepts must be delivered concisely and compellingly.
Speak. organises a 2-day workshop which will give your people the skills they need to deliver a clear, concise message in English that will quickly and effectively gain the attention of the target audience.
They will master the fundamentals of PowerPoint Presentation Do’s and Don’ts;

Vocabulary: proper use of prepositions, tenses, language chunks •
Key-Words and Pronunciation •
Use of Signposts •
Structure •
Body language and preparation •

The requirement for this workshop is Intermediate+ (B1+) or higher.
The maximum number of participants per workshop is 15.

The Presentation Skills Workshop runs from 9am to 5pm. Lunch is provided by Speak. and is included in the cost of the workshop.

Presentation Skills Workshop

Presentation skills are acquired skills - honing these skills requires thorough training, practice and preparation

Business Writing Skill Workshop

Communicate what you mean to get what you want

Some might argue that business writing is the most important of all the business skills. In a contemporary workplace, written and oral communication stand side by side. However, more often than not, the mastery of the written expression is neglected. Regardless of expertise, effective writing is fundamental in building strong and unambiguous relationships with your colleagues and clients.
This workshop combines real-world business examples and accelerated-learning techniques to give your staff practical, relevant skills they will use immediately. Through case studies, hands-on exercises, and guided assignments, they will learn to think analytically and communicate their ideas persuasively to inspire action.
The Business Writing Skills Workshop is 3 days in length.

The requirement for this workshop is Upper Intermediate+ (B2+) level of English or higher.
The maximum number of participants per workshop is 10.

The Business Writing Skills Workshop runs from 9am to 5pm. Lunch is provided by Speak! and is included in the cost of the workshop.