We create translations that don’t sound like translation!


The work of the translator is not to translate words, but to communicate ideas.
Companies hire us to take their very complex activities and convey them into concepts that are understandable to a target audience.


Speak. focuses solely on the corporate sector

ESL / Workshops

We give professionals the English they need!

Companies that invest in the communication skills of their workforce have the tools necessary to compete in the international market and thereby ensure the organisation’s long-term success. It is a well-known fact that a lack of language expertise often results in details being ‘lost in translation’. Speak.’s ESL Courses provide companies with the skills they require to improve linguistic and cultural needs in order to gain access to the European and global markets.


Dragana Kragulj

Managing Director

Katarina Dupalo

Expert Linguist

Vera Matijević

Project Manager

Ksenija Živković

Communication Manager
Since we began collaborating with Speak., we know that at any time day or night, we have an agency at our disposal that can offer us the services we need in terms of translation into/from various languages, proofreading services and court-sworn interpretation. Speak.’s team of translators and interpreters specialise in delivering projects both of a confidential nature and those intended for public audiences.
Dragana Getejanc
Head of Operational Support at ProCredit Bank
When we discovered the Speak. we found a team of experienced people, ready “to go above and beyond” to ensure that each service provided is fulfilled in the most effective way and under the best possible terms. Most of what we do at HRG Serbia & Montenegro relates to organising congresses and other events that require interpretation. In this situation, it is very important to have a partner that we know we can rely on and that can provide the required level of professionalism. For us, this means that we require consecutive and simultaneous interpreters, for senior and other officials, who are able to take into account scheduling and cultural aspects of the types of events we organise. Speak. has always been able to recognise and respect these needs.
Predrag Španjević
Director at HRG Serbia & Montenegro/BT Pegrotour d.o.o.
Konsing Group [radio telecommunications/information technology] requires precision translation, and with Speak. we know that all of our needs are satisfied. We are certain that as Speak. grows, so will the already superb quality of service provision skyrocket. We look forward to continuing our business relationship and being able to participate in this process.
Zdenko Lekan
Managing Director at Konsing Group DOO
I am very pleased to recommend Speak.! Regardless of whether you need translation or want to improve your foreign language skills, I’m certain that Speak. is the right choice. Their team of translators are not only language experts, but they also have extensive know-how in regard to the fields in which they translate. You will receive a perfect translation, not only natural-sounding, but in line with the terminology of your particular area. Their teachers adapt their schedules to suit your company’s fast-paced needs.
Jelena Milić
Head of the Legal Department of Direktna banka
Mirabank has been collaborating with Speak. for over 2 years now. The services they provide are flawless, and for our Bank, their understanding of our specific requirements, needs, and processes is invaluable. The prompt responses to our inquiries is also very valuable to us as a Bank. Communicating with Speak.’s team is a real pleasure.
Violeta Ilinčić
Head of the HR and Administration Division at Mirabank
My law firm started working with Speak. years ago, and in all that time we have entrusted may translation projects in many different languages to this agency. Their level of professionalism exceeds the norm, they provide fast turnover and quality translations (legal texts) which is why Speak. is the first translation agency that we entrust to provide us with external translation services, particularly English and German target texts, both for our needs as a law firm as well as texts required by our clients.
Advokat Dušan Matković
Advokatska kancelarija Sekulović
What we look for in a translation agency is consciousness, precision in terminology and speed. Press Office’s clients are mostly international companies operating in various areas of commerce, with very strict rules when it comes to corporate identity and communication which is why quality is a must. The confidence that we have in Speak., including their level of professionalism and ability to quickly and adequately react to our most demanding assignments have made Speak. our first choice, always.
Marko Velbl
CEO at Press Office - PR&Communication
I would like to recommend Speak. as a result of their professional approach, their adherence to deadlines and their expedience. To-date, our collaboration with Speak. has been outstanding and it is my hope that this will remain the case. I truly hope that we will continue to work together for many years to come, at our mutual satisfaction.
Zdenko Videnović
Purchasing Manager Adriatic at Boeheringer Ingelheim Serbia d.o.o. Beograd
The approach to language learning at Speak. is innovative, communication is done exclusively in English, allowing for faster and better-quality language retention. The themes chosen are current and adapted to students’ needs. Collaboration is excellent in terms of scheduling and Speak.’s adaptability to its corporate clients’ needs, especially those with highly demanding jobs.
Natalija Jegdić
CMO Telekom Srbija - mts
It is a true pleasure working with your agency. It means a lot that we can depend on Speak. when we have urgent deadlines and other unpredictable circumstances.
Mikica Tomić
Belaga Management Company doo Beograd (Hilton Hotel)
I highly recommend Speak.’s translation services. Quality, professional and efficient.
Gorana Krstić
Tenured Professor at the Faculty of Economy, University of Belgrade
The Presentation Skills Workshop held in English perfectly merges practical examples, presentation practice and efficient use of the English language. This is not a language course, but a great interactive seminar that helps its participants to transmit their message and interact with their audience, and Dragana Kragulj, a native speaker of English and this workshop’s instructor, has the type of focus and professional approach that ensures that each participant leaves feeling satisfied, with clear guidelines that will enable him/her to further develop this skill.
Ana Minić
Head of Training and Development at Banca Intesa