How can your company manage translation cost?

1. Invest in a current and relevant Glossary of Terms.

What this is exactly, is a list of all the terms used by your organisation regularly, for example;

  • department or unit names / job titles
  • vocabulary specific to your organisation’s field of expertise (finance, accounting, technical terminology, etc.)
  • marketing vocabulary (slogans, captions, newsletters, other marketing copy, etc.)

How does this cut cost?

A comprehensive Glossary of Terms allows your translation agency’s team of translators to work faster and greatly reduces the margin for error.
When your translation agency doesn’t need to spend time searching through dictionaries and other online sources for terminology specific to your business or field, their translators are much more efficient and productive.
And finally, the end-product delivered is a quality translation that will not require significant changes during the proofreading process.

2. Work with professionals.

Working with a team of professionals is always a less expensive option. A translation agency employs an entire team of dedicated professionals with experience and expertise who want to deliver the best translation to you, quickly and within budget.

A professional may be expensive, but an amateur will cost a fortune.

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